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NEXTORCH, a global leading brand of professional portable lighting products, devotes to provide experts with more professional mobile lighting products in law enforcement, hunting, and outdoor.

Professional, as one of NEXTORCH’s important spirit, penetrates all aspects of the entire company. NEXTORCH gathers a group of fanatical gear enthusiasts including company founder, product designers and marketing staff. In order to get more insights into what users’ real needs, we learn through their experiences. We go hiking, trail running, cycling, shooting, hunting, mountain climbing, even go to the first scene of search and rescue.

We are not only practicing the professional spirit by actively experiencing users’ experience, the more we are doing here in NEXTORCH is making users involved in the product design. We are working on research and development of new products based on user’s thinking model like gathering a mass of different users’ requirements, product concepts and designs, R&D, testing, production, marketing, and serving, not simply and only listen to what they need and solve their problems. Each of steps is vital to help us meet users’ real need and produce professional products. Furthermore, in order to communicate with fanatical flashlight enthusiasts in different fields, we hold NEXTORCH outdoor meeting twice a year, and we interact with users by participating in product experiential marketing campaigns as well.

We are professional, we are proud of ourselves:

The series of myTorch won the Patented Product Innovation Award.

Saint Torch 3, designed for search, won the silver award of the Asian Outdoor Industry Awards, and the most innovative award in Spain ExpoCecofersa.

Light Star, an adjustablehigh performance LED headlamp, won the silver award of the Outdoor Industry Awards.

B10, the first rectangular spot bike light, won the 2014 China Outdoor Industry Annual Awards.

TA10, a tactical flashlight compatible with AA/CR123A/14500/16340 batteries, won the gold award of the Asia Outdoor Industry Award.

UL360, a portable camping lamp, won the ISPO Award in 2016.

myStar headlamp and P5X series of dual-light flashlight won the Red Dot Design Award, the highest prize in design, in Germany in 2016.

TA30, 1100 lumen tactical light, won the Red Dot Design Award in 2017.


For our great design team, NEXTORCH is going on gaining more and more international awards. With the accumulation of technology and skills, we have gained over 110 patented items, including 3 of the United States Innovation Patents. NEXTORCH products are sold to over 100 countries and regions, and our sales team is serving millions of users.


In China, NEXTORCH is designated as a research and development unit to design and produce flashlights for China police, and it is also qualified to be one of the rules makers deciding the luminance of tactical flashlight. In addition, NEXTORCH is one of the members of PLATO (Portable Lights American Trade Organization) who has the voting rights. Moreover, NEXTORCH is involved in making and optimizing ANSI standards for helping develop flashlight industry.

Only perfect and professional products are qualified to represent NEXTORCH!


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