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Choosing Guide

The U.S.A. National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009
Flashlight Basic Performance Standard. It is the first and most recognizable flashlight industry standard
worldwide, and it introduces definitions and testing methods for flashlight basic performance as well as
associated marking. NextorchTM products are proud to strictly follow and support its guideline to guarantee its product quality.

PLATO - Portable Lights American Trade Organization was formed in 2010 by companies involved in the manufacture and sale of portable lighting tools. Core members include: Surefire, Streamlight, Panasonic, Energizer, 511, Nextorch:
• Help to enforce the accurate and transparent use of industry standards, commit to uphold the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 standard
• Assist in developing other industry product and safety standards
• Help guard against false advertising and similar unfair trade practices in the industry
• Provide an educational forum for members and supply educational materials
• Represent the industry to the public and to the government

* If you are a policeman, you will think about brightness firstly.

* If you are securities, you will think about expenses of batteries firstly.
* If you are outdoor fans, you will think about weight and volume firstly.
* If for general purpose, you will think about running time of battery firstly.
...... ......
Now, usage is clear, you can choose your flashlight with the following factors:

* Brightness
It's determined by the bulb. Generally speaking, HID > Xenon gas filled bulb > LED. But how to choose
the flashlights with the same types of bulb? You can refer to specification for exact brightness. Flashlight with bigger lumens is brighter.
For example, T6A with 80 Lumens can illuminate glaring lights.

* Battery
Rechargeable batteries can meet regular users for saving expense of batteries. RT3 & RT7 use rechargeable NT18650 lithium battery.
Lithium batteries are characterized in light weight and powerful current output. Normal AA batteries with low current and also low price, you can
buy it wherever you are. NexTORCH specially designed Magic Max with two way power supply of lithium battery and AA battery, will supply
you brightness wherever you are.

* Running Time
Brightness and running time are always run in the opposite direction. Generally speaking, running time is in reverse order of brightness.
HID < Xenon gas filled bulb < LED.

* Volume & Weight
For outdoor user, volume and weight are the first things they considered. MM is your first choice for small size. GT6A seriers made of
durable nylon fibre is your first choice of light-pack. Further more, each flashlight supplied weight and specification for your reference.

* Durability
GT6A is made of durable nylon fibre, which can resist wearing and pressure. Except GT6A, all NexTORCH flashlight is made of aerospace
grade aluminum 6061-T6,and processed by CNC high-precision processing machinery, which enable our products firm and durable. Torch
surface is finished by Mil-spec hard-anodized type III, which enable us products wearable and anti-corruption.

* Maintenance
NEXTORCH presents full range of accessories to enhance the utilities of your flashlights. Special cleaning tools for lens LC6,
maintenance silicone grease SL6, spare bulb unit V36/V66/V72 can bring to you the convenience of upgrading and maintenance.

Flashlight pouch (LT2113,V1438), lanyard (G46-A) can make your carry of flashlight easy and smart.

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